Vaibhav Karve
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Name in Devanagari: वैभव कर्वे    Name in IPA: ʋəibʱəʋə kərʋeː

I am a Data Scientist at SimSpace. In 2021 I received my PhD from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under the advisement of Anil N. Hirani.

My research interests lie in data science, graph theory, logic, algorithms and computational topology. I am currently writing my doctoral thesis, titled Graphical structure of unsatisfiable boolean formulae which combines the tools of graph theory and topology to analyze boolean satisfiability – a classic problem in logic and computer science.

I am also looking to extend my doctoral work towards the upcoming and adjacent field of computer-assisted formalized mathematics and interactive theorem proving (in particular, with the Lean theorem prover).



My ever-evolving teaching philosophy.

  • Math490: Computational mathematics
  • Merit program @ Math UIUC
  • Model theory in Lean @ Illinois Geometry Lab
  • LeanTeach 2020 @ Illinois Geometry Lab + UniHigh Summer program
  • Classical constructions @ Summer Illinois Math Camp, UIUC
  • Past courses

    2021 Spring TA Math 241 (Merit) Calculus III
    2020 Fall RA supervisor: Anil N. Hirani
    2020 Spring TA Math 490 Computational Mathematics
    2019 Summer RA Dabid G. Bourgin Fellow
    2019 Spring TA Math 490 Computational Mathematics
    2019 Fall RA supervisor: Anil N. Hirani
    2018 Spring RA supervisor: Richard Sowers
    2018 Fall TA Math 285 (Merit) Intro to differential equations + Merit TA mentor
    2017 Summer RA supervisor: Richard Sowers
    2017 Spring TA Math 231 (Merit) Calculus II
    2017 Fall TA Math 241 (Merit) Calculus III + Merit TA mentoring
    2016 Spring TA Math 241 Calculus III
    2016 Fall TA Math 221 (Merit) Calculus I
    2015 Fall TA Math 241 Calculus III


These are mostly notes I have taken as part of self-studying various things. They are not meant to be comprehensive notes – just a collection of things I found interesting at different times and wished to keep a record of.

Everything else



this work was funded in Fall 2020 by the David G. Bourgin Mathematics Fellowship.

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